Collection: 9 Organic Grains

At Organic Flour Mills (NZ) we now offer 9 different whole grains: 

3 organic NZ-grown gluten grains: Reliance wheat, spelt, rye,

and 4 organic and 2 new spray-free NZ-grown gluten-free grains: sorghum, buckwheat, Foxtail millet, and long-grain brown rice - and now white quinoa and red quinoa. 

NOTE: Our BUCKWHEAT grain is on special NOW for April! 

NOTE: New season's SPELT grain is back in stock - and better than ever!

And our organic NZ-grown spelt, Reliance wheat and rye are milled into flour for our 4 larger Bread Mixes - still only $7 each !!!!

STOCKISTS NOTE: For stockists we have a different pricing structure.
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At Organic Flour Mills our wheat, rye, and spelt are all organically grown in New Zealand (NZ) by organically certified BioGro farmers. They are free of glyphosate and not chemically or heat treated, so are good for sprouting. Our gluten-free grains: buckwheat, brown long-grain rice, Foxtail millet and sorghum are also grown organically BioGro certified, and our new quinoa grains - white and red - are spray-free and grown in NZ!


All whole grains include 3 parts: an outer shell or husk called bran, an inner germ, and a layer between the bran and the germ called the endosperm.
All 3 parts of the whole grain are retained on milling into flour in our Zentrofan mills!

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