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At Organic Flour Mills (NZ) we currently offer 7 different organic whole grains: wheat, spelt, rye, and 4 gluten-free grains: sorghum, buckwheat, millet, and long-grain brown rice. 

 No stock left of millet until late September ....

Our organic NZ-grown spelt, wheat and rye are milled into flour for our 4 new larger Bread Mixes - buy 5 for $7 each and get 1 extra for FREE!!!!

And last season's wheat seconds are on special for stock feed and chook food for only $1.95 per kg :)

We use only whole organic grains at Organic Flour Mills. Our wheat, rye, and spelt are all grown in New Zealand (NZ) by organically certified BioGro farmers. Our gluten-free grains: buckwheat, brown rice, millet & sorghum are also grown organically BioGro certified.

All whole grains include 3 parts: an outer shell or husk called bran, an inner germ, and a layer between the bran and the germ called the endosperm.
All 3 parts of the whole grain are retained on milling into flour in our Zentrofan mills!

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