We offer 5 organic grains: wheat, spelt, rye, and 2 gluten-free grains: buckwheat and rice.

We use only whole organic grains at Organic Flour Mills. All whole grains include 3 parts: an outer shell or husk called bran, an inner germ, and a layer between the bran and the germ called the endosperm.

The bran is important particularly for its fibre, which slows the breakdown of the starch into glucose, helps move the contents of the digestive tract along (which is called peristalsis) and lowers cholesterol.

The bran also contains important B vitamins, essential minerals and protein. All these benefits are lost when the bran is removed in the refining of the grain to make “wholemeal” and white flour. The germ contains healthy fats, E and B vitamins, all of which are removed if the grain is refined to prolong shelf

The endosperm or inner layer of the grain contains mostly carbs and some protein. If grain is refined, almost all the vitamins, minerals and fibre are stripped away, leaving basically the carbs and protein.

At Organic Flour Mills we mill only whole grain flour in order to retain the full bran and germ.

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