Our Unique Organic Flour Milling Process

At Organic Flour Mills we source all our grain as locally as we can, and we source only certified organic from the growers.

We mill the grain as needed for orders as they come in, so it is always  fresh with a shelf life of more than 5 months. Our three mills are special Zentrofan cyclone air mills, unlike the roller and stone-ground mills used in most industrial, commercial and conventional milling. 

What's so different about Zentrofan mills?

Zentrofan mills use the cyclone design to blow a constant stream of cool air, which impacts the organic grain against the wall of the  mill. This cools the particles as they gradually break down so that they're not adversely heated. In this way the nutriments  of the organic whole grain are retained in the whole-grain flour.

The grain is gently broken down into fine enough particles to be blown into the waiting flour bin. This produces the finest flour available in NZ.

How are the GF flours kept free of gluten?

We have two separate milling rooms – one for gluten flour, and the other for gluten-free flour. In this way we prevent cross-contamination of our gluten-free flour. Our gluten flours include NZ-grown wheat, rye and spelt. And our gluten-free flours are buckwheat, long-grain brown rice, millet, and sorghum. We bag and label the freshly milled flour as required, on site, ready for shipping.

What about white flour ?

Organic Flour Mills offer both the organic whole grain and the whole-grain flour of organic wheat, rye, spelt, buckwheat, long-grain brown rice, millet and sorghum. We produce only organic whole-grain flour - we do not refine our flours, which would strip away the bran and germ. White flour is nutrient poor - the bran and germ have been removed - so we don't offer white flour at Organic Flour Mills. Our flours are fine enough to use on their own.

Is folic acid added?

No, we never add anything to our flours! No folic acid is added. Our organic wheat flour is NOT mandated to have synthetic folic acid added to it. Whole-grain flours have sufficient folate (B9) in them from the whole grains already.

Our Zentrofan cyclone mills make the finest and purest whole-grain flours possible – try them and discover their quality for yourself!

Our newest products:

We use our wheat, spelt and rye flours in our 4 new large bread mixes.
And we bake fresh loaves of bread to order for locals in the Manawatu and nearby regions. Check out our yummy light loaves made from our whole-grain flour.

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