Organic Flour, milled in Palmerston North.

At Organic Flour Mills we mill whole grains into whole-grain organic flours. We don’t refine the flour in any way. We offer Wheat, Rye and Spelt gluten flours along with four gluten free flours - Buckwheat, Rice and now Millet and Sorghum flours.

Milling whole grains maintain the benefits of the bran and germ, along with the endosperm in the whole-grain flours produced.

We mill our flours only on our Zentrofan cyclone mills, which do not overheat the flour, again retaining maximum nutrients.

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Why choose Spelt?

Spelt is the new grain of choice! Makes superb light flour, ideal for baking, More nutritious and easier to digest than wheat. Locally and organically grown in the Manawatu.

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