Organic Flour, milled in Palmerston North.

At Organic Flour Mills we mill whole grains into whole-grain organic flours. We don’t refine the flour in any way. We offer Wheat, Rye and Spelt gluten flours along with four gluten free flours - Buckwheat, Rice and now Millet and Sorghum flours.

Milling whole grains maintain the benefits of the bran and germ, along with the endosperm in the whole-grain flours produced.

We mill our flours only on our Zentrofan cyclone mills, which do not overheat the flour, again retaining maximum nutrients.

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Why choose Spelt?

Spelt is the new grain of choice! Makes superb light flour, ideal for baking, More nutritious and easier to digest than wheat. Locally and organically grown in the Manawatu.

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Order Premium Organic Flour in NZ for Delicious Homemade Bread, Pastries, and Cakes

We supply organic flour across NZ to help eco-conscious home chefs and bakers create tasty meals without synthetic ingredients. Our organic flour comes from organically grown, GMO-free grains carefully selected for their quality, which we mill in our Palmerston North mill rooms. We sell only whole-grain flours and also our grains – perfect for whole-grain bread and baking.

Explore Our Organic and Gluten-Free Flour and Grain

Our organic grain does not come into contact with chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, so you know your flour is 100% natural. Each grain offers a unique taste and texture, so we recommend experimenting with them all! If you are sensitive or allergic to gluten, our gluten-free flour range will enable you to enjoy baked goods, pasta, and pastry safely.

Organic Flour Milled in Palmerston North

At Organic Flour Mills, we mill ethically sourced grains into whole-grain organic flour. We don’t refine our flour in any way, so it retains all its vitamins, minerals, and fibre. We offer NZ-grown wheat, rye and spelt gluten flours, along with four gluten-free flours: buckwheat, rice, millet, and sorghum flour.

While most conventional milling removes the grain’s bran and germ, our Zentrofan cyclone mills keep the grains intact when producing our organic flour. Milling the whole grain means retaining the bran, germ, and endosperm, while still giving the flour a fine texture and natural taste. We only use Zentrofan cyclone mills, which, unlike commercial roller milling or stone-grounding, do not overheat the grain, producing a fine, light flour with maximum nutrients.

Buy Premium Organic Flour in NZ

Organic Flour Mills is a trusted supplier of whole wheat flour in NZ. We mill all our flour to order, so it's always fresh, tasty, and lasts longer in your pantry. You can use our Bio-Gro certified NZ- grown wheat grain and our flour to make anything from bread and muffins to pizza and noodles to thick, creamy sauces - order yours online for nationwide delivery. And try our new Wheat Bread Mix!

A new favourite with our customers is our Wheat Seconds that is especially great for chook food at our introductory price of only NZ$1.75 per kg. It is simply the smaller kernels from our organic wheat, so you can eat it, and your chooks will love it.

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