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Order now and save :)

Organic Flour Mills is running not 2, but 4 specials for March!!

Our extra super-duper March special is for gluten-free Rice Flour while stocks last!
This brown long grain rice flour is reduced to only $5.00 per kg for your gluten-free baking needs! Also great for everyone's diet.

And our long-grain brown rice is also on special at just $5.50 during March too!

We are now offering Buckwheat flour as a March special for $8.25, which is 50 cents per kg less than usual.

And finally, our Spelt Flour special is so popular, that we are continuing to offer Spelt Flour at a special price! Now $8.75 per kg for March.

Spelt is great for substituting for wheat flour in cakes, bread, and all baking - easier to digest and healthier too! Very fine and rises well. Lighter than wheat flour. Our spelt is organic and grown locally :)
So, instead of its regular price of $9.00 per kg, we are now offering Spelt Flour at $8.75 per kg throughout March 2023 ... 

Read about the many benefits of spelt in "Why Choose Spelt?" under ARTICLES.

And see our wonderful spelt loaf recipe under RECIPES.


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