Our Motivation for Milling Whole-grain Organic Flour

At Organic Flour Mills, our primary goal is to provide the healthiest grain and flour we can for our customers.

We do this in 4 ways:

1. Firstly, we are 100% committed to milling only organic wheat, rye, spelt, buckwheat, rice grain, millet and sorghum. We never compromise by using grain that is not farmed organically. We always source our grain from our trusted certified suppliers.

2. Secondly, we provide healthy grain and flour by sourcing our grain as close to home as possible. Our spelt grain is locally grown in the Manawatu. Our wheat and rye grain are grown in the South Island, NZ. Unfortunately, we need to source our buckwheat, rice, millet, and sorghum from overseas atm, but we are always on the lookout for New Zealand grown grain. We are planning to have locally grown buckwheat next season!

3. And thirdly, we also provide the healthiest flour by using Zentrofan air cyclone mills. These mills work by impacting the grain against the mill wall, gradually fragmenting the grain particles into fine flour, until it can be blown into the flour bin. This process prevents the flour from becoming heated and losing some of the precious nutrients in the grain. Most conventional industrial and commercial mills use roller or stone grinding techniques that causes heating through friction, which degrades the quality of the flour. (See article on Zentrofan milling.)

4. Finally, we keep the gluten flours separate from the gluten-free flours, in order to avoid contaminating the gluten-free buckwheat, millet, sorghum and brown rice flours with gluten. Although our mills are housed in separate mill rooms, using separate Zentrofan mills, we cannot guarantee to coeliac sufferers that there will be absolutely no cross-contamination.

Organic Flour Mills is run by the partnership of Lindsay and Jilly Wright in Palmerston North, NZ. We were fortunate in acquiring the mills from Wholegrain Organics, and are continuing to produce flour of the same fine quality that customers expect. We look forward to getting to know you - our online and local customers - as we work together with you to provide the healthiest, finest flours in NZ.

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