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Wheat Grain - new stock available now!

Wheat Grain - new stock available now!

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Wheat grain - new season's back in stock now!!

...wheat is a popular grain (also called wheat seed, kernels, groats, or berries) that can be sprouted, or wheat can be cooked and eaten like rice in savoury or sweet dishes, and wheat grain is milled into flour. At Organic Flour Mills we choose only organic New Zealand grown wheat.

Wheat’s botanical name is Triticum aestivum. Like all whole grains, the wheat kernel has 3 parts: the outer bran, the inner germ, and the endosperm layer between the bran and germ. Whole wheat retains all 3 parts of the grain, unlike wholemeal flour, which has the wheat bran and wheat germ stripped away, and a percentage of bran added back in. The wheat bran provides important B vitamins, essential minerals and protein.

The wheat germ provides healthy fats, vitamin E and more B vitamins. The wheat endosperm provides carbs and additional protein. The main protein in wheat is gluten, which can cause intolerances in some people, but enables bread and baking to rise well.

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