Collection: Organic & Gluten Free Flour

At Organic Flour Mills we offer the finest NZ milled flours in New Zealand !!!

Yes, 7 healthy whole-grain flours available:
3 NZ-grown gluten flours: wheat, spelt, rye, and ...
4 gluten-free flours: buckwheat, rice, millet, and sorghum.

Just order 5 of our new larger Bread Mixes at $7 each to win 1 extra for FREE !!!!

NB: No stock left of sorghum flour until October sometime ....

We mill only organic whole grains, keeping the bran and germ intact, to provide whole-grain flour full of maximum nutrients, yet fine enough for light loaves of bread!

We mill our flours only on our Zentrofan cyclone impact mills to retain all these nutriments.

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