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At Organic Flour Mills we offer the finest flours in New Zealand! Yes, 7 healthy whole grain flours available: 3 gluten flours: wheat, spelt, and rye, as well as 4 gluten-free flours: buckwheat, rice, millet and sorghum.

Please note: Wheat flour is back again - new season's wheat flour available now!!!!!

Sorghum flour will be available again later in March.

But our long-grain brown rice flour is now on extra super-duper special for March.

And our spelt flour is also still on special during March 2023.

We've added buckwheat flour to our March specials too!!

We mill only organic whole grains, leaving the bran and germ intact, to provide maximum nutrients. We mill our flours only on our Zentrofan cyclone impact mills to retain these nutriments.

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