Collection: 8 Organic Flours - folic acid free

At Organic Flour Mills we offer the healthiest fine NZ milled whole-grain flours in New Zealand - FREE of any added synthetic man-made folic acid! Milled from glyphosate-free organically certified grain!!

Try our NEW Quinoa flour from spray-free Kiwi quinoa grown in New Zealand!

NB: Our organic BUCKWHEAT flour on special NOW for APRIL!

Choose from 4 freshly baked bread loaves (for pick-up and delivery in Palmerston North, NZ, or shipping within Manawatu and nearby regions)

4 freshly baked loaves using: spelt, spelt/rye, wheat/spelt and wheat flours - large or medium, sultana or plain. 

And 4 larger Bread Mixes still at $7 each !!!!

And, now 8 healthy whole-grain organic flours available:
3 NZ-grown gluten organic flours: wheat, spelt, rye, and ...
5 gluten-free organic flours: buckwheat, rice, millet, sorghum
and spray-free NZ-grown quinoa flour!

NOTE: Organic spelt flour in limited supply until new season stock arrives in March/April.

We mill only organic whole grains, keeping the bran and germ intact, to provide whole-grain flour full of maximum nutrients, yet fine enough for lightweight loaves of bread!

Lindsay mills our organic flours only on our Zentrofan air cyclone impact mills to retain all these nutriments - see article on Zentrofan milling.

STOCKISTS NOTE: For stockists we have a different pricing structure.
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