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Buckwheat Flour - March special

Buckwheat Flour - March special

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Buckwheat flour - stock available - March special!

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Buckwheat is a gluten-free flour used for baking by those who wish to avoid gluten. It is very nutritious, being milled from organic buckwheat groats in our Zentrofan cyclone mill reserved for gluten-free milling, in a separate mill room. The buckwheat flour can be mixed with our rice flour or sorghum flour for gluten-free baking.

Our whole-grain organic buckwheat flour is a complete protein addition to any diet, as it contains all the amino acids. It is ideal for gluten-free baking and is totally gluten-free, despite “wheat” in the name. It is in fact milled from the seed of a plant, not a grain at all, so is digestible to those who need to avoid grains.

The milling process, in our Zentrofan cyclone mill, ensures that the maximum nutriments are retained, including the B vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Buckwheat flour is low in fats, and also has a low GI (Glycemic Index), making it very suitable for diabetics. It is a great addition to any diet, not just for those who are gluten-free. Buckwheat flour can also be mixed with gluten flours for those who can tolerate gluten.

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