No added folic acid!

No added folic acid!

Organic Flour Mills do NOT add any synthetic folic acid to our wheat flour, nor to any of the 7 varieties of flour we mill.

Our organic wheat flour has NO added synthetic folic acid - it simply retains the healthy folate (B9) from the whole grain!

We do not add anything and we do not subtract anything from the organic whole grain we mill. As a result, all our 7 flour varieties are organic whole-grain flours - not refined in any way and no folic acid, nor anything else, added in.

All our flours are milled very finely because they are milled in our Zentrofan mills which produces fine healthy flour, without destroying any of the nutriments that are in the whole grain. With our Zentrofan mills, we do not refine the flour in any way, but mill finer flour than conventional stone-grinding or commercial roller mills.

Organic Flour Mills provide organic whole wheat flour, rye flourspelt flour, and 4 gluten-free organic whole flours: buckwheat, sorghum, millet, and long-grain brown rice flour.

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