NEW bread mixes - now larger!!!

NEW bread mixes - now larger!!!

Bake new bigger loaves of bread from our new large-size Bread Mixes ...

Yes! Our bread mixes are now 500g each - for the same low price of $7 - making bigger better light loaves of bread that weigh in around 800g!!

Try our special now - buy 5 large bread mixes and get 1 more for FREEEE!!!!

Good in either breadmaker or in oven - instructions on pack!

EASY PEASY! The way for make a perfect loaf with NO work at all :)

Choose any 5 of our new large bread mixes:

- large spelt bread mix

- large spelt/rye (70/30%) bread mix

- large wheat/spelt (60/40%) bread mix

- large wheat bread mix

and get 1 more for FREEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!

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