Spelt Bread Recipe - medium

Spelt Bread Recipe - medium

Here's our favourite recipe for making a scrumptious light medium-size loaf of whole-grain bread in a breadmaker at home!


Place the following ingredients in your breadmaker in this order:

  1. ) 2 tsp SureBake yeast (make sure to buy the red-lid jar from the supermarket)
  2. ) 350g wholegrain spelt flour
  3. ) 3 tbsp gluten flour (buy a small bag of wheat gluten eg: "FreshLife" from supermarket in baking aisle)
  4. ) 15g sunflower oil
  5. ) 1 tbsp coconut sugar
  6. ) 1 tsp salt
  7. ) 280ml cold water

Turn your breadmaker on to Medium sized loaf.

It takes approx 5 hours for the bread-making process.
(At least that's according to the timer in the latest Panasonic Breadmaker we use!)

Turn out on rack and as soon as it cools enjoy this yummy light loaf - not heavy at all!

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