Try our easy large Bread Mixes :)

Try our easy large Bread Mixes :)

Great news if you love bread but don't have time to make it ...

Our new large Bread Mixes are easy peasy with a BreadMaker or baked in an oven :)

Still only $7 per bread mix!!!

Just tip Bread Mix into BreadMaker and add a little salt, oil and water, then press "Go" ... voila a beautiful fine light loaf baked to perfection in about 5 hours .....

Choose from our 4 different Bread Mixes:

- large spelt flour (our personal fav :))  $7

- large spelt/rye  70/30%      $7

- large wheat/spelt  60/40%   $7

- large wheat flour (free from added folic acid)  $7

Instructions on back of pack for both breadmaker and oven baked bread.

Note: It takes about an hour or more for the dough to rise before oven baking.

Options: Just add sultanas for a fruit loaf, or seeds or nuts for a crunchier loaf :)

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